EWS is an FOTFT initiative in which we offer educational and psycho-educational workshops to communities in Philadelphia and Delaware Counties. The workshops are facilitated by master level social workers. With the use of our workshops we see ourselves as gardeners; planting seeds of hope, love and endurance in the lives of the those we are given the opportunity to encounter.

If you are interested in bringing a FOTFT workshop series to your organization, please complete our PARTNER WITH US form.

The FOTFT facilitator lead will schedule a face to face or virtual meeting with you to determine what workshop series would be most suited for your group, determine if information should be tailored to your group, furthermore dates requested will be explored and the workshop(s) will be scheduled by the end of this meeting.


Educate: The information presented in each workshop is evidence based and has been proven for its effectiveness in said areas.

Motivate: FOTFT facilitators are passionate about the topics presented and the expected outcome of how these workshops could be received, therefore aside from the educational component there is a personal level of heart and commitment in which the information is shared.

Engage: No FOTFT workshop is complete w/out the use of its participants, we are not lecturers, we are facilitators of information, conversation and revelation on the said topics. We rely on hand-outs, crafts and recognizing the special gifts and talents of our attendee to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

Outcomes: Feedback is important and strongly considered as FOTFT continues to grow, therefore we encourage each attendee to complete a short workshop feedback questionnaire. All responses are reviewed, and trends recognized are incorporated to enhancement future workshops.

Fruits of the Family Table recently conducted a workshop series for the Critical Path Learning Center.  Through two 1-hour sessions per month, FOTFT covered topics such as Goal-setting and Conflict Resolution.  Critical Path Learning Center is open to everyone and all services are free of charge.  It's an expansion of the AIDS Library and the Critical Path Project. The Critical Path Learning Center at Philadelphia FIGHT is an educational commons and stigma-free space devoted to the intersection of health and literacy for the digital age. Services OfferedHealth Resources Library  |  Technology  |  Adult Education  |  Employment Services  |  Hospitality and Support Services