Fruits of the Family Table is a non-brick and mortar social service organization
comprised of educated individuals from the same areas in which we serve, officially established in February 2019.

Learn more about who we are and why and how we do what we do.

Mission & Vision

With the use of therapeutic services, education, community events, mentorship and advocacy, we at FOTFT (Fruit of the Family Table)...

Core Values

Fruits of the Family Table has a set of basic beliefs that guides our work and service to the community:...

Our Operation

Here are a few organizational facts that may help you get to know us better.  We serve Philadelphia and Delaware...


With an innate belief that in spite of the odds success is possible, her use of evidence-based practice and practical...

Cornerstones of Practice

The Fruits of the Family Table Cornerstones of Practice are based on 4 principles: Quality, Safety, Commitment and Innovation.

Our Impact-2019

Since our February 2019 inception, Fruits of the Family Table has made great strides and is happy to share our...


Committed and passionate volunteers are a critical part of bringing vital services to those in need.