Sharell Wilson MSW, MS

Growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia, Sharell has witnessed how social injustices such as substance use, discrimination and the mass incarceration of underserved men and women have negatively impacted the very fibers of her community. Therefore, in efforts to combat these social ills she decided social services would be her field of study. Holding an associate degree from Community College of Philadelphia (Behavioral Health Human Services), in addition to a Bachelor and master’s degree in social work from Temple University and most recently a master’s degree in nonprofit leadership. Sharell is adamant about the significance of education and encourages as much to the children and youth ministry for which she serves on at her place of worship.

With an innate belief that in spite of the odds success is possible, her use of evidence-based practice and practical relatability and compassion for people, Sharell has committed over a decade working the frontline in both Philadelphia and Delaware Counties in the areas of substance abuse, (as a substance use therapist, evaluator and risk assessor), mental illness (as a therapist), criminal justice (as a substance use custody evaluator in the Philadelphia Prison System), community outreach (in the area of areas of homelessness and substance use disorders), as well as child welfare (as an intake case worker II).

Sharell strives to lead a purposeful life in service to others, deeming any encounter she has as an opportunity to plant seeds of hope. In fact during February 2019 she established non-profit organization Fruits of the Family Table, a multi-faceted program serving Philadelphia residents in the areas of re-entry, aging, substance use and healthy relationship building, with an overarching vision of all communities being free from the plagues that bound them; in the areas of substance use, mass incarceration, parenting and abuse/neglect of the aging.