In Summer of 2021, Fruits of the Family Table, FOTFT, began hosting and continues to host recurring craft gatherings for the children in Highland Park, ages 6 through 12 to promote healthy coping strategies and was originally designed to foster unity amidst COVID-19 and the need for social distance.



Crafting Sundays is intended to use arts and craft projects to increase socialization, self-expression, collaboration, cultural awareness, and creativity in the lives of children (ages 6 thru 12) in the Highland Park Upper Darby community as the world continues to recover from COVID-19.

Quotes / Testimonials Of Crafting Sundays 


Favorite thing about crafting Sundays…

  •         “My son loved the girls up there; they were such a joy to him.”
  •         “The neighborhood kids all coming together was great!”
  •         “Kids were able to make useful craft to use at home. Like the pillow case!”
  •         “A positive activity so close to home!”
  •         “Knowing that my daughter tremendously enjoyed participating as she loves arts and crafts related activities. It also gave her the opportunity to connect safely with other children during these COVID times.”
  •         “Neighbors whom you may have never met that live on the same street. It was great to get to know them!”

More than half of the children that participated in Crafting Sundays attended more than seven (7) Sundays.

More Quotes / Testimonials


Changes parents noticed in their child(ren) from June to October...

  •         “He was so excited to go and hang out up the street and do crafts. He loved Ms. Sherell!”
  •         An overall excitement for doing crafts.
  •         She looks forward to the Sundays that she knows it’s Crafting Sunday